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"All Parts are Welcome"

Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) is an evidenced-based model of psychotherapy which was created by Dr. Richard Schwartz more than 30 years ago. IFS provides a framework for individuals to be guided to get to know their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, body sensation, memories and behaviors/reactions in a non-judgmental way. When we are guided in building/nurturing relationships between ourselves and our parts (thoughts, beliefs, feelings, body sensations, memories and behaviors), our systems begin to soften and create space for healing. By increasing connection between our "Self" and our parts, we are able to get permission to go to burdened parts and when they are witnessed and feel heard there is a process of unburdening, never getting rid of the part just the weight they carry. This includes relieving extreme parts like anger, control or criticism of there roles and they can take on characteristics that they were meant to have if they were not protecting a burden.

Underneath the sometimes extreme feelings or parts of a person's system is a core Self. With some access to the Self, characteristics emerge, which IFS calls the 8 C's of self: Compassion, Curiosity, Creativity, Courage Connectedness, Calmness Clarity and Confidence.

Finding Your Parts Video


Dr. Chatterjee and IFS Dick/ Schwartz Video


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